Saturday, July 12, 2008

one more time.. workin on my tan

big c

to guard road

puke hill

big c, mil d to guard road, crest to upper milcreek , one more time. 9miles of dh on road, hot city riding back home.

all this sitting inside and night riding im turning noctural, going white. had to work on my tan. but when i had my weekly shower it all went down the drain.

though i was workin it up good, but its just dust.

haulin my ass up this dirt road to 10,000 feet every other day is gettin old, but the dh is worth it, if i dont have to stop every 5 mins to let people by.

like who says "let ride crest backwards today!!!" ya!!! lets do it the stupid wrong way and jack everyone up!!! ya!! lets go!!


now i know why i go at night, i didnt say i was the sharpest knife in the kitchen.

in the old days i used to ride the super crest, i cant do that anymore. well not until next week.
ride from the downtown over to big c, up to brighton to crest to milcreek down to wasatch and home.

it takes about 4 hrs.
so i got dropped off in big c, im not a fan of riding a mtn bike on 50 miles of pavement for a 10 mile trail.

but i had to work on my tan.

saw the remnants of the hc, everyone riding down. thanks to those that waved, and those that didnt, clint, ali, jenny, joel, mitchel.
those that didnt, alex r, flahute, krafty, kreig, and the other 200. must be that focus so you dont fly off the 60 foot wide road.
got up to the guard road and were about 50 cars parked. went up puke hill and there are small packs of people sitting in the grass eating. im going pretty slow and i think some of these girls i passed could walk faster than they were going down.

its a pretty buff trail, i dont know what they are afraid of.

momentum is your friend.
i didnt count but i probably passed over 30 to 40 people. its the day, weekend. mid summer, nice weather, the snow is gone, most popular trail in the wasatch.
even sandy p was up there, wow. gotta blog that.

red pine lake
solitude with dr. sandros2 in milcreek.
hes on summer break.
pro men
matt T.
adam c
j. bishop
sam jerkoffick
sam schultz
alex g 24th
bz 43rd
1 cam the hoff
2 mitchel aka mp3
3 A rod rock
4 kreigggy
5 a. olsen
workin on my tan, we're hitting the beach trinidad & tobago in 3 weeks. gotta look hot.
movie night yesterday was journey to the middle of iceland and italy.
tonight hellboy 2 yaaaaaa
stormin in oregon sand baggin in cat 2. won the TT and got 3rd today. hes pretty happy.
jeff louder is good in the TT cuz he trains for it. hes good in the mtns cuz he climbs fast. one time last year he drafted the scooter in the aero bars goin 45mph for 5 mins straight. thats hauling ass.
although its my opinion postal, discovery and astana are and were doped. 90% of the former team mates have been caught once they were off the "bruyneel/lance plan" they move on and dont do it right so they get caught. (beltran today) i could write a 20+ list but nobody cares.
lance has his hands all over columbia and it shows.
they are on some secret lance post cancer drug that is not detectable. levi can race clean, hes still fast. when in the US i think he is clean. i know jeff is and the results show it, a real race with no funny business.
now put levi in the tour , where he should be and watch how much faster he is. same with a lot of other euro pros who have secrets and doctors.
some people might say "levi wasnt trying" ya whatever, put any bike racer in a race and tell me they dont ever try.
what a crock.

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Forrest said...

Lets say Lance was clean all those tours (he wasnt), isnt it still unfair to have half your team doped and breaking wind for you and shredding the competition on the climbs? Even if he was clean all his team was doped and that gives the leader an unfair advantage in itself.