Tuesday, July 01, 2008

walking is for dogs

as i walk uphill with a heavy pack my mind wanders. watching bikes coast by with no effort. thinking to myself, i have ridden this trail for 20 years and walking it blows.

how does this compare to riding?

it doesnt.

6 miles with 3000 foot gain and 50 pound pack takes 4 hours.
on my bike it takes 45 mins.

going downhill 7 miles takes 5 hours
on my bike it takes 20 mins.

its a long painful process, each step my feet ache and tell me to sit my ass down.

i think going up is easier, on the legs. slowing down this mass takes a toll and next time i will load the bob trailer and pull it.

then coast down.

walking is for dogs.


Team Rico said...

walking is for people who dont own a bike. poor bastards

I am Matt said...

I have those same shoes in your header picture. I still wear them. m220 or m210 cant remember.

Side note, you could invest in a horse, mule/donkey,llamas or even alpaca's. Think the van could pull the trailer?

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Hiking does suck but sometimes you have to do it order to hang with the girly...
Is the header picture from 1996? and what is the frame?
I had those shoes too...they sucked. I got the for free when I lived in Canada from the shimano wholesaler and the sole de-laminated after 1 month...traded those suckers in for a brand new set of Sidis that I still have.