Monday, July 07, 2008

dr. cross shreds the trail at nite

bz calls this the poorwillow, but really its a whip poor will.

they sit on the trail, then 1 foot away from smashing it,
it flies up in my face. i think the light blinds it.

i wouldnt smash it, but its close to my rotor, and feathers could fly if i wasnt so quick on the reaction time.

sly was in stealth mode last night. i spotted dr x up on the hill and went invisible.

he didnt even see me.

1000 lumens of power, i was crankin bout 100 watts myself.
somethin isnt right.

we call this the GSL, SLC, big city lights. rollin BST at 930pm MST.
XC UH to DH. 4500' to 6500'.

dont mind my codes.

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I am Matt said...

Gosh maybe Ill have to try some lights and go at night. How are the rattlers on the trail at night?