Friday, July 18, 2008

airfare for 2 and 2 hotels for free to vegas/LA?

ya that title is correct, i scored something big yesterday and im not even lying so if you want to go to los angeles, or vegas, paid airfare for 2 and 2 hotels all for free we need to talk.

i have unlimited number, (ok 100) of tickets for free, so if i have your phone number, meaning if you like me enough to give me your number already i will be calling you tomorrow to tell you about it, otherwise if you want some "no strings attached" FREE airline tickets email me and we will talk.

you need to live in or near salt lake.

email me if you're into it, then if i dont have your number call me.

this is 100% legit, no scam, no strings attached, no sales , nothing to buy.

2 hrs = free hotels and tickets.

more info email me.

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