Friday, July 04, 2008

millcreek gate is open

i was up at solitude, so i rode home via crest, millcreek. i forgot the date. its the wrong day for that canyon. saw some hikers and the parking lot had around 20 cars. once on the gw trail i thought maybe the gate would be closed until monday, since the holiday is here and the deep snow, maybe i thought they wouldnt open the canyon, but it didnt matter and they opened it on the annual july 1st.

thats really lame.

i think i better just ride up there at night.

check out the snow drifts. thats about 10 feet deep.

btw dont leave any comments about riding in the canyon on the wrong day. ya i know, its stupid.
i didnt have to write this anyway.

top of puke hill around 9500'
i passed some guys walking, i almost joined them.

2x9 is no good for a weekend warrior

action over at solitude saturday, race predictions.

well, its pretty easy. just look at the weekly series.


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