Monday, July 28, 2008

cnn ass hat

there was some tool on cnn who wrote an article in some east coast paper, NYT or some other garbage publication saying how the new batman movie is similar to the current american situtation.

i agree with that,

with out ruining the movie if you have not seen it, the part i dont agree with is he says batman is bush!!

what the F(&#$R^#*&$^@&*$^@*&#*(&())!!!!!!!!!

i saw the similarities while watching the show, its a kick ass show, but bush is not batman.

bush is the joker, or in the movie the mob makes a scene, bush could be the mob or the joker but no way in hell is he batman.

in this variation of the lame story i saw on cnn, batman does not exist at the current time. i dont know who would be the hero.

he makes parellels such as the joker is the terrorists and the the bush administration is the gotham government.

what a bunch of horse shit.

the movie is good but bush is no batman.

hes the joker

the other thing,

on all these cable news channels like lou dobbs, glen bech and hannity and colmes
they keep saying "wake up washington" "are these guys stupid or in bed with so and so"

well hello, they are not stupid, they are not a government for the people. they have their own agenda, they dont give a damn about american middle class, they do what they want when they want, they answer to no one, they lie cheat and steal, then cover it up. then they tell you what you want to hear, not whats really going on.

the elections are a puppet show, go vote if you want. it wont matter. they install who they want.

believe it or not, this is not a democratic government.


StupidBike said...

It is a Representative Republic. Not voting perpetuates the problem.

The more people who do not vote, the more power the power brokers have.

Hell, write in a vote for Me.

I am Matt said...

You have some quality points. Just this last weekend I watched V for Vendetta. Similarities.

I personally see that that the media is very biased. They did not give "fair" coverage to all the candidates.

Another problem is that this country is so diverse in everything that just about anything can be considered legal and appropriate with in some reason, thus causing great conflicts. Conflicts equate to nothing getting done because of the legal system because everyone feels a moment of self entitlement because of this diversity.

One thing that I believe that would help would be to limit the amount of time that certain people have in office, ex senators. This should be done with overlapping term limits.

Yes, "StupidB" has a point. A big point. Everyone needs to vote. Not that I am personally pulling hard for either of the leading 2 candidates, I feel there should be a person running for the people and not for the party. That is another topic though.

Nerd On A Bike said...

stupidbike makes a good point, however, I think there is too much manipulation on the national level...take the last two Presidential elections as prime examples.
IMO where voting really makes a difference anymore is State and Local ballot initiatives. Reason being is that politicians are too scared to have a solid public opinion on them so they put them to a vote to save political face.

Like matt said, the media is extremely biased. Look at how much revision has gone into Ben Bagdikian's Media Monopoly since the Fourth Edition came out in '92. Even NPR is now owned by big business, which is no big surprise seeing how watered down their stories are.

CNN ass hat is right. I think that FOX wears a bigger hat though.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ok then go vote for none of the above.