Sunday, July 13, 2008

ride the lift

thanks to brandon firth for the rocky dh bikes and lift passes up at stein erikson. its good to hit the slopes a few times a year, turn and burn.

i was trying to figure out how to teach girls to ride without crashing and getting scared of rocks and trees.

its harder than i thought, need more work on patients.
thats another long story. i dont have any, it seems everything i do in a day is a race and it needs to be tamed. race across town, fast driving, standing in lines, waiting for traffic and red lights, slow people in my way every way i go, stopping or waiting for a group on a ride. lots of that. no good.
putting something so simple to me into words is a challenge. need more practice, or just follow and learn.

we made it out with no blood.. and i consider that a bonus.
its the law to put the helmet on in dv, but not on the lift.
tan is coming along better.
i'll keep you posted.


Nerd On A Bike said...

Those were some sweet '80's checkerboard slip-on Vans you were sporting.
From the lift it looked like your mullet was coming in nicely.

I am Matt said...

Yes patience is a virtue. I have similar problems where speed and communication can be a brutally hard.

On a side note... every time I see her picture and when I met her, she is/was always smiling.. That is so grand.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

silver fox was rocking the mullet, one day i wish to be long and gray.

ya shes happy go lucky. i need that to get my grumpy ass up every day.