Friday, July 11, 2008

sell junk online. get rich.

blown judy SL, buy it now.

got it out of the garbage can at contender.

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Nerd On A Bike said...

I love your shipping terms, etc....
I hate to say it but mountain bikers are the worst people to sell to. I could never work in a bike shop as I would end up in prison on a murder charge.

Every time I post a used part on MTBR my heart rate rises as I know I'm going to have to sift through 30 crazy emails to get to the one serious person.

-Would you consider trading your 21" Turner for my sister's 15" Mongoose?

-I don't want the whole bike, but I'll take the rear shock for $100 with shipping.

-(When I advertised a 25.4/90mm stem) What size is it?

-(And the one I always love getting) My wife won't let me spend more than (exactly half the price you have the item advertised)would you sell it for (half the price you have the item advertised)?

I really don't envy your job.....