Sunday, July 20, 2008

movin up movin on

im tired of bloggin about biking, so you wont be reading about any of that for awhile. you might only hear about boring stuff like beach trips and me getting fatter. i piled down a bag of great harvest oatmeal cookies, the ones that are big as small pizzas.

i bought a time share the other night, so this fall and winter i'll be chillin in st george, barcelona, tucson, key west, st. lucia and kona.


shauna is buying a house soon, so im movin out of the slc high rises and then im goin to strip it and flip it so i might need your help since i dont know a hammer from a nail. but im a bit ambitious and want to go total solar and sell excess watts to rocky mtn power.

got some new tunes from barry at the bottom of the player.

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Nerd On A Bike said...

Now's definitely the time to sell your condo. I am in the process of closing on a unit at the new City Haven conversion (8th E. 3rd S.) and everything downtown is being bought up.
Every unit down there I was ready to put an offer down on, would be sold or under contract within a day of looking at it. Only the junk up in the Ave's that's over priced isn't selling.
If you price it right, you'll sell it quick.