Saturday, July 05, 2008

solitude to lambs canyon

alex g goes off early for the domination

state mtn champs at solitude today, bz picked me up, then i rode home.
heres bz, mid season form, takes 2nd.

dave welsh 3rd.

chad, rich and team holley
rich got 4th and holley 5th. i think.

reed is training for cx
team rico should have brough the ht.
since its the odd day i didnt want to ride down mill d, so i cut some brush over to lambs. from solitude ride up the road to crest, then across to deso, down to the mid mtn connector and millcreek split.
this option is lame its a waste of dh elevation and its slow, steep, rocky , bush wacking,
30 downed trees and a 8 mile hot ass ride down parleys.
i went this way cuz i didnt want to ride down big c.
if you want to try it go ahead but it sucks.
from the saddle the top of milcreek were you drop into park west go down the ridge connector for about a minute of 2, stop at the ski run where you see the run named signs. the big ass blue sign. look uphill to your left, you will see a small deer trail, hike up that for about 5 mins, bush wack and walk, its pretty over grown. follow the trail for another 5 mins and you will be at the ridge of lambs. its a few minutes of rocky dh , but there is a trail. its small and over grown. follow that down lambs, this is about a 2000 foot elev. loss and sucks pretty bad. lots of trees and over grown weeds. go down this for about 15 mins and you come to the lambs canyon road, coast down that for about 15 mins and your on I-80. then draft the 18 wheelers down to foothill and ride home in 102 degree heat.

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