Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a week off sked


down the street from ricos house

jordan river bridge to ragtown

I-80 west bound to ragtown

magna aka ragtown, should be 2nd nature to matt love and rico.

did you see ax men last week?

last week was the norba in phoenix, friday im goin to tucson.

saturday is the sea slaughter, i'll be in san fran next saturday.

i wonder if sager will win

maybe if he wears the green lantern ring
the uci island championship bling


I am Matt said...

Easy tiger. Having been and eastsider for all my life, Magna isnt all that bad.

The water still isnt good but roads are wider and typically less full of idiot drivers. Although, you still need to have a water purifier and need to watch out for the white trash drivers, the produce at smiths looks like second hand throw aways so, ehh maybe I guess its sixes..

I just wish they would open up the mountain over here. I am a stones throw to some good potential single track and it makes me sick. There have been rumors for so long that Rio Tinto aka Kennecott was going to open part of the mountain up for a ski resort. If that ever happens then I see some singletrack soon after. Then all will be envious of Magna residents, maybe.

Team Rico said...

I want out!Been here toooooo damn long

I am Matt said...

Oh forgot to add, it would be nice to have neighbors I could understand and talk to. Maybe I should learn spanish. Oh well a smile and a wave has been working for awhile now.