Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i dont follow rules i make them

white line fever
800 miles to tucson through vegas
700 through flag/page/kanab/richfield
20 hrs drivin
on the road i go, nobody knows where.
but me
Some folks take it as a "given" that they're going to suffer because of what's happening economically; others want to know how to ensure they don't suffer.

Whether they're real estate agents, housing developers, investment professionals, transportation industry workers, or someone else whose livelihood is affected by declining consumer spending, many folks are struggling with the "reality" of an unfriendly economic environment.

I've even seen articles addressed to coaches about how to handle the slowdown in the coaching field.

This is a good time to remember that you choose your reality. No one else chooses it for you.

Yes, you can get sucked into the fear and lack mentality, but only if you let yourself. When you know your thoughts and feelings are what matters - not the state of the nation - you can experience any results you choose.

The way you make that choice is by being deliberate about where your attention and focus goes.

Here's a helpful reminder from Abraham:
"Can you see how thoughts of recession or thoughts of depression arenot about any reality? They're about focus! Do you know that there are those that thrive in the worst of times? And that there are those that don't do well in the best of times? Do you get it that it's about vibration and not about any sort of reality?" - Abraham 2008 Mexican Cruise
It's easier for me because I rarely catch the news and have no office-mates sharing their woes. Even when I started reading that article for coaches about how to handle the "dip" in business, I tossed it and thought, "Well, if that's how you want to do it."

In my world, the economy only affects my bottom line positively.

And so it is, because that's what I choose. (I've broken enough of the other "rules" that this one's a cinch for me.)

But for those of you who are seeing no commissions and no clients and hearing colleagues complain and reading reports about declining numbers, your work is to remember that you get to pick.

If you can imagine different results for you, if you can expect a new outcome, and keep your attention focused in that direction, Universe has to accommodate you.

Although it helps if you can think of a "reason" to believe things will be different for you, the only reason the Universe needs is because you said so. Go ahead and imagine/expect the "impossible." The only reason it's "impossible," anyway, is because no one else has dared to hold steadfastly to that thought.

Your power lies in what you're thinking. So use that power, please!

Another quote from Abraham about not needing any reason to expect positive results:
"We want you to decide that you are going to direct the thoughts in order to INDUCE the feeling response. In other words, you are the MAKER of the feeling of relief. You're no longer asking for the economy to be the maker of the feeling of relief. Or somebody to buy your product and that to be the maker of your feeling of relief. You're going to start counting on something that you CAN count on, which is your ability to direct yourself slightly downstream instead of slightly upstream. You're going to start pointing yourself deliberately downstream in order to INDUCE relief, because someone who can IRRATIONALLY induce relief, will always have outrageous success." - Abraham, Buffalo NY, May 2007
i didnt write this, i copied it from an email from www.goodvibecoach.com

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