Wednesday, April 23, 2008

april showers bring may smack downs

i took louder motor pacing, he was climbing good, it was cold and rainy. i had ski pants/ jacket with thick gloves. hes going to tour of romandie tomorrow so good luck with that. the cold rain today should get him ready for euro racing.

now the suns out and it warmed up so i should go ride the buffed out trails, also have to get ready for more driving. goin to san fran for the weekend tomorrow night. i bet i will have some good pics during that drive to post.

heres the new sweet bolt for weight weenies with scalpels or a lefty. its the lefty hub bolt. this one is aluminum, i just picked it up so i bet you dont have one.

the old steel one is heavy, i bet it saves 20 grams. i bet you dont have kevlar shifter cables either.

i dont believe some people still use tubes, like kerkove and mitchell. stans is way faster, lighter and 100 times more dependable. you have to trash UST tires, they are super heavy and run normal tires like SWORKS or maxxis super lites.
they dh better, roll faster and you dont worry about thorns and nails.

oh ya i just saw heather holmes bike too, she has tubes. what the?

the easy part is getting a light bike and works good, i dont understand the people that train all the time and dont give much effort for making the bike better/lighter/faster.

if racing is your job is should be a top priority, if you ride for fun it doesnt matter but its still nice to ride a light bike that works over a hunk of lead.

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