Saturday, April 12, 2008

7am stand in line for 5 hrs

what i did today was dumb

more stupid than this

and this

and way dumber than this

and this

stand in line all morning is the stupidest thing i have ever done, well.
24 hrs moab 2 man was kind of dumb,
oh ya so was the E100 at 210 pounds.
goin to jail was too
um, maybe i have done lots of stupid things. anyway..
along with all these other 20,000 retards. what a waste of time.
the worst thing im regretting is getting up early to do it. some of these jackass' slept on the pavement.
at 7am there were over 2000 people in front of me, at 1pm i was done but the line was miles longer outside going from 3rd west to main street. thats over 3 blocks and thats after miles and miles of twising chicanes in the parking lot and more inside the warehouse. its worse than a disney land ride.
wait, wait, wait some more. ok now im in the building. oh shit, another 3 hrs in the building. wammo, 20 seconds to make them think your cool and they send you packin.

im an idiot.
how can i compete with guys like this? dont even try.

miles of inside lines, chicanes and every inch was covered with back and forth lines.

nice day to ride, or stand... or miss a race..

i wonder if brad p worked over chippo


Art said...

ya stand in line for a chance to win some folding green. feed the TV monster while you Gov. steals your money

I am Matt said...

Lesson learned.

At least you got a little saddle time today.

b1k39unk said...

What the hell were you in line for?