Tuesday, April 15, 2008

80 yesterday 30 today with snow yaaaaa

chippos takin the new mona vie van to sea slaughter.

april 15th snow, im goin to tucson this place is lame. why is it lame?

cuz i was ripping dust yesterday. all the resorts are closed with 500 to 600" of snow reported, the trails wont be clear until august and nobody can ski up there except snowbird cuz the forest service sucks! thats why, what a waste for bikes and skis!! lame.

if there is that much snow up there they should ski on it till it all melts.

and for all the out of towners reading this coming to deer valley in june bring your snow tires and chains.

it will be muddy at best.

you say you want to race solitude in june?? whatever,

no way

put the races in august where they belong, not 12 races in may and june. after 15 years of doing the ICUP do you think they would learn???

ya who wants to race in sand in april and mud at the resorts for 2 months??


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