Sunday, April 20, 2008

mini horsees flying tomatoes and the gray wolf

chippo says mona vie kicks ass.
here is sager, looking confused. where is blake and tinker?

the link below contains vulgarity and if you are easily offended by swearing dont click on it.
anyway, atrain sent me that pic so i blame him for tainting my mind.
ok, down in tuck son today for the semi annual 4th ave swap. snake didnt show up, but i spotted the gray wolf with his 12 pound road bike, no front der, 1 front brake and the newest lew carbon tubulars.

the shocking news of the day is my nostradomus like race predictions for the otter. wow, the dark horse mitch p, aka the flying tomotoe was on fire getting 4th. thats impressive, nice work hair. must be the new scalpel.

i should start being an online booky for mtb races.

Elite men
1 Miguel Martinez 2.21.30
2 Sam Schultz 3.25
3 Sid Taberlay 3.39
4 Mitchell Peterson 5.10
5 Federico Ramirez Mendez 6.18
6 Adam Morka 6.39
7 Chris Sheppard 6.50
8 Pierre-Yves Facomprez 7.13
9 Rotem Ishai 8.50
10 Ken Onodera 10.05
11 David Tinker Juarez
12 Kenji Takeya 10.15
13 Peter Glassford 11.27
14 Stefan Widmer 11.54
15 Eric Batty 12.14
16 Erik Tonkin 12.39
17 Ryan Woodall 13.13
18 Jason Sager 13.20
19 Carl Decker 13.30
20 Manuel Prado 14.08
all results on or
and on the ladies side sure win got 3rd! wow thats equally impressive. georgia gould should be banned to race with the semi pro men for life.
or world cups only.
i found mini the 2 foot high pony out in the southern AZ desert.

work it mini.
oh ya dont forget about the world cups, todd w. got 11th. hes pretty happy bout that.

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