Wednesday, April 09, 2008

40 today 80 tomorrow

i think i'll wait to ride until summer comes tomorrow.

people are honest.

i left the key in my van for 3 days, unlocked in the ignition. its still there.

i left my apartment unlocked last weekend for 3 days, door unlocked. nobody came in.

i leave my bike in stores and various places for a few minutes, nobody messes with it.

i have had 3 bikes stolen before, once in moab at city market even.

i think most crimes are from opportunity, if some jackass in passing sees something in passing they make a decision right then to take it or not, crimes of opportunity.

i dont think most petty theft, or the violations above are planned, if you can call that petty, there are always exceptions to the rule but mostly people are honest and not out looking to take your car.

i watched a car thief show, its in LA, they left the keys in a car as a bait car, they wanted to bust car theives, it takes a long time even in the hood.

dont worry about getting jacked and you wont.


Gary said...

When I was in Cleveland converting people over to Mormonism I would leave are Cavalier parked in conspicuous places. and most of the time I would show up with about eight or more gang bangers trying to prey the door open while the littlest one was trying to reach the door lock. Yes they never actually got the car but they were trying every time. They just made it so the wind noise was loud at speed.

jsager said...

I once, to prove a point, left my key in plain sight on the dashboard of my car, the doors unlocked, for 18 days at the SLC airport long term parking, to prove that the airport parking lot is one of the safest places around regarding car theft.

They, however, would have had to produce their own parking stub in order to steal the car.

I am Matt said...

I think your just lucky.

Or maybe its protected by the invisible forces from the laws of attraction?

The Racin Caveman said...

Forces that govern the laws of attraction aren't invisble. You can see evidence of them everywhere.