Monday, April 14, 2008

monday night social hour on the dry creek bench

5pm too late for sly.

couple hundred people up on the trails tonight. it was warm, and windy. nice tail wind ripper across the top after the zoo.

passed brandon, kday, ag, dave and mule packer. then mixed it up with wild rose 1 speeders. i had to throw down the big ring up dry creek, with a sweet tail wind. patrick standin up droppin the hammer tryin not to throw up.
saw a bunch of free riders at the top of bobsled, then up on the ridge about got blown off the mtn then passed dr x , stopped for a minute then went home and had some fish tacos ready for chow time.

pig out, watch the jazz smoke the rockets and 2 hrs of no deal.

i wonder if it will snow tomorrow


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