Tuesday, April 29, 2008

sworks copy

who rides hard tails anymore anyway,
besides alex g, kday, chucky, bz and 80% of other racers? why?

i have been on a scalpel since 2001. would never ride a ht ever again!!!

a lot of xc pros do, tw is stoked on his new 20 pound gt ht,

i wonder how he would rip on the 19 pound scalpel SL

it locks out so it climbs like a road bike, then it dh's like tomes in 92'

remember this pic i posted last week? well heres the rim...

dangerous dan says it made it 18k's i rode a rim like that for 15 miles once, thing is, stans wont seal a new tire on it.. dangit


Team Rico said...

I need to ride the Scapel..one day....in the dark

ag said...

bobsled duel- you on your scalpel me on my vertex ht, same tires.

how many years did you ride a ht? 15? get back to your roots. i have an element now but could never go without a hardtail- had one ever since my marin bear valley that i got in 93.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

the time trial is on! yaaa