Monday, April 07, 2008

dry sunday mud monday

as you can see, not much snow left up top shoreline.

now its april showers, will bring slop. change the name to mud creek
im on a 3 hr east coast jet lag, so my clock thinks its 10am.

worse things have happened.

as i look out the window i see the city getting on to their various tasks and jobs and it boggles me how busy it is so early. i am missing the life of a caged rat, spinning the wheels going nowhere.

thoughts of airplane people in airports.

next time youre at the airport watch this.

when you are at the gate waiting to board listen for the announcement of your section to get on, you will see about 200-300 people getting on your flight. 1 second after the announcement they jump up instantly to form a big line to cram on to the plane, this is crazy to me. everyone is in a big hurry to wait in a line. why?

they funnel you in the tunnel to the jet to form another line where you wait again for all the slow people to load their bags and this process takes up to or over 20 mins.

i would rather wait in the lobby in the chair sitting until this process is done and they make the final boarding call.

then when you land...

1 second after you stop and they say its ok to get up, everyone and i mean everyone.

from the 1st class cabin to row 35 in the back stands up and waits, clogs the middle isle. ???

im thinking, are these people on drugs or not paying attention. we are on row 30, that means 6 to 8 seats across, 30 rows back, 180 to 240 people are ahead of you, did you not see how long it took to load this heard of cows???

you think 1 second after the plane stops you are magically going to jump off the plane??

i dont get this thinking, yet it happens every single time.

jump up and stand in the isle or better yet stand half way up so you head hits the storage bin above you and wait for up to 12 mins to unload instead of sitting in your chair and waiting your turn to get up.

i dont understand a lot of things, but this to me is classic sheep herding lemming thinking.

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