Thursday, April 10, 2008

ya i did

firefox kitty workin it

game show time.
if you want to be on tv, win lots of money, or just get lots of attention you need to be on tv game time.
problem with that is they want you to make some dumb ass video of your self and mail it in. this is selling yourself for 3 mins. trying to make it crazy so they pick you.
thats not my style, so i found out deal or no deal is in town doing live casting calls. now im not going to show up with a clown suit or be loud and obnoxious but i want to be on the show so if i make it im going to give away lots of the millions i win.
i talked to the big brother show a few weeks ago, they were looking for a mtn bike racer for the next show, the guy called me and wanted a video. then i thought that show would be too boring. you have to sit in the house all day, no riding, cant leave, im not riding the trainer in the summer, no tv no www and no phone.
i cant take that so i bagged it,
a few years ago i sent a video to survivor and i didnt get the call so i guess they trashed my tape. it was pretty boring so i didnt expect much.
so my next big dream is the screw the banker and win big. take it all the way cuz i live on the edge.


Andy H. said...

The casting call is this saturday. I thought you were racing?

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

im retired