Thursday, April 24, 2008

it snowed,.. again..

it really is snowing in the big city.

this wheelset is better than bionic daves

i got some superlite wheels today, i have had this kind for a few years now they are sweet. and superlite.

stans rims, am classic rear. discs of course. i sealed them up with maxxis 310 rear stan crow front but it was used and had big holes. thanks to kday. i wanted to ride them bad so i put a tube in the front and ripped around town.

this scalpel feels like a road bike. its 19 pounds and climbs like a raped ape. too bad my watts are MIA.

so it snowed, i waited till 6pm and the sun was out a few hours i headed up to the zoo. it was ok, mud here and there. mostly there.

kday was right the crow tire sucks, and master bates hates it too. so its a crappy tire dont buy it.

its not even that lite. i need to take the seals off the bearings and spray wd40 in there to loosen up the spin.

but the scalpel is 19 pounds so suck on that for awhile. 4" travel with gears. and a freewheel.

jeffs dogs, roscoe and daisy. i wanted to put some bike parts on them but they were trying to bite me.

gates pass last sunday
i wonder if atrain is watching the jazz game


drrna said...

I have a pair of Crows for sale, one ridden twice, the other NIB.

They're sweet, for pavement.

ag said...

you should call your scalpel the SLY for super light yaaa