Sunday, April 27, 2008

rollin deep in the 818

livin large in the penthouse suite.

the same hotel that was $200 friday is $30 sunday night.

this bike weighs 8.5 pounds. its stupid light, he says he rides it but i wouldnt.

would you? its all drilled out and shaved down.

san jose, cupertino, los gatos. south bay. hot and sunny, workin on my tan.

swappin it up, cleanin it up, workin it, mackin and chillin sly style.

the tables in reno turned bad, as you would expect in this game. life on the edge. rippin traffic, 2 hrs of ping pong dodge car on I80 east bound. beach to snow to dusty desert sand.

check out the moto with a double bike rack


flahute said...

818 is the San Fernando Valley ... i.e. Southern Cal, north of L.A. ... we're talkin' porn country. Van Nuys, Encino, Woodland Hills, etc.

Tahoe City, CA is 530.

Reno, NV is 775.

And San Jose, Los Gatos, etc. is 408.

KanyonKris said...

Ya, enough with the area codes. Maybe I should comment on Art's blog too, didn't he start this madness?

jsager said...

watch what you say about Woodland Hills. that's my semi-turf. you can see real pornstars at Ralph's grocery store, though.

flahute said...

Grew up in the 423 when it was still the 615 ... and in the 952 when it was still the 612 ...

Then I lived just to the west of the 818 in the 805 ... went to college in the 831 when it was still the 408.

Lived in the downtown 415 before moving to the 510 about a year before hitting the 801.

But some of the best times I had way back when were when I lived in the 011-32 in 83-84, especially the couple of weeks my friends and I spent wandering around the 011-44 for two weeks immediately after graduation ... sans parents, who currently live in the 480, but have been there since it was the 602.