Friday, April 18, 2008

the otter

since the couple fast guys that usually do sea otter are in belgium racing world cups, the otter has come to be known as the racers of the B pack. i was checking out the start list, and although not complete, as its missing day of reg. im sure it will close to 100 starters, i think sager has a good chance of getting top 10, or top 5. depending on if he doesnt break a chain.

but the B list is not what i would call B. here are some of my top picks for the weekend.

sid taberlay
ross schnell
carl decker
mike phillips
andy and sam shultz
Federico Ramirez Mendez
chris sheppard
manny prado, last years semi pro winner.
cody peterson
little mig martinez
and my dark horse the flying tomato mitch P.

dont be surprised if all these guys are in the top 10 come sunday after the 38mile XC.

wish i was there.

ok not really.

i wonder if chippo is racing in the bigfoot costume

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JMount said...

If you were there you would miss out on the first 90 degree days in Tucson this year.