Saturday, April 26, 2008

the arm pit of the earth

battle mtn nevada says they are but reno is pretty bad. this place stinks of smoke and is full of $200 hotel rooms this weekend.

what a rip off.

i dont know why anyone lives in reno, so we left. went to cali and found some $100 hotel rooms with $4 gallon gas. yaaaaaaaa!!!!
i won $35 bucks at the tables in 3 mins. then left, thats about a half of tank of gas. about 1/8 what i'll be buying this weekend.

i have a fun game that is like a treasure hunt while driving on any major interstate or busy road. while going 80 to 90mph try to spot the full bottles of trucker piss on the sides of the road, we found quite a few in a 10 mile section. about 30 bottles i think.

its a good time, passes the miles and deters white line fever.
were going to the beach tomorrow, i hope its warm.

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