Friday, April 11, 2008

a dream

i was up most the night dreaming of the jackpot.

the day i win the big money im goin to the icup and handing out 100 dollar bills to every category during the race.
i might go to a norba and do the same thing but i dont like norba, the pros deserve some prize money, they work hard, but i need to go to some local races. raffles are lame, nobody wants to stand around after a race and maybe win a water bottle.
it has to involve some skill, like riding 1 handed on a rocky dh without crashing.
just giving prize money or prizes to the top 5 only lets the fast guys win.

i will be on diff parts of the course for all cats, maybe like 50 grand to give out that would be sweet.

the only thing you need to do is show up and race, oh ya, then grab the cash on the dh.

pay day for everyone, sounds like a good time.

like this guy is having a good time its a youtube video with swearing. if you are offended by swearing dont open it.

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