Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the massive tour of utah pro prize

i claimed to pay 100 bucks to any utah homie that could pull off a stage win, i would pay more if i was rich but i can come up with the 100 for any of the guys on canyons team and jeff and burk.

jeff and burk are the most likely but you cant count out a lucky break, turbos sprint, dh's tenacity or nate, alex, todd on having a great day.

my main prize was to reward jeff if he can win the tt sunday, its a short 7 mile ride but its the last day so most wont be fresh.

so then marky mark kicked in 20, so did caveman.

if anyone else wants to thrown down a donation for the TT win sunday leave your comments.

im sure if i was going for the win like tbird or jeff a small bonus of 500 bucks would sweetin the pot.

im takin the scooter up big mtn tomorrow so if anyone wants to rally a posse lets hit it.
bring paints cans and tecno.


KanyonKris said...

Count me for $20 too. A worthy cause.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya bring the pain!!!!!

tiffp said...

I'm playing hooky so I'll see you up there tomorrow...Slow down in Emigration so we can get a little tow...

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

bz kicked down a hundo,

bring it, come one come all.

its for a TT win, so your betting he wins, if not then you pay nothing.

jrad said...

tell him I will bring him a KILLA bottle of sake from Japan if he pulls it off!