Saturday, August 16, 2008

louder wins stage 4

sager: tell deez to drop the hammer.

sly: sager says drop the hammer.

deez: tell sager i dropped it already

mr simon, isnt little cottonwood off limits....

ali G passes up his chee wowa to tommy d in the feed zone,

nice socks & sandals

3 miles to go in todays 100 mile stage with 15,000 vert. jeff burk and blake caldwell spinning the 9% grade like its flat.

i tried to get in the lead group then the cops kicked me off the road

tbird didnt do too bad either,

jeff can make up a minute over caldwell tomorrow in 7 mile TT, but he only needs 8 seconds for the overall.

chippo got dropped by bart, alex and bz.

super duper crest loop.

ride from milcreek up to alta over to brighton rip crest to milcreek then down to the hood.

70 miles 12,000 vert.

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KanyonKris said...

Let me know when I need to pay up for the payout. PayPal?