Tuesday, August 19, 2008

in the old days

before i had this web site i had some crazy stuff goin on. i remember i could have had a few good stories. so why not tell them, 3 years later.

i used to live in this old crappy apt building down town on 300 s. 400 e. it was remodeled but old, it was cheap around $500,

3 years ago, aug, 05' this 21 yr kid died on the roof taking a bunch of drugs, then his sister found him dead sitting up there, this was about 3 augusts ago.

that wasnt the story but i just remembered that as well.
he was a smart kid who worked at the pie pizza shop. used to fix my comp and had all the free programs,
anyway i was sleeping one morning around 9am in this studio and some dude comes running through my only room, goes to the front door and books it down out side. he kicked in the bathroom window as the fire escape came right up at foot level out back,

kicked it right in, didnt break the glass just knocked the whole panel inside and ran by me waking me up, 5 sec later 2 cops following him rip by and im asleep thinking if this is real or a dream, so i go outside and they caught him he was in a chase and picked my house to ditch them.
if he would have went up 2 more floors he would have been on the top of the building where that kid died and would have been trapped.
wonder if he would have jumped, surrendered or got shot.

atrain sent me this, i dont know why hes cooking bob, diamond bob, or bobby flay?

it rhymes with blob

but he thinks im into gay homo swimming dancing, not that theres anything wrong with that.

we will find out who obamas vp is in a few days, this is like waiting to see if i won the lottery.
whos it goin to be?
billary? oh boy..

on another note, sunscreen causes cancer, and so does diet coke. if you want sun protection put aloe vera gel on your skin. its better than 40 known cancer causing agents in a bottle.

if you want caffeine drink real coke or one of the other 50 drinks with caffeine.
all the chemicals to make diet taste sweet are more addictive than the caffeine and sugar and cause cancer.

have you ever seen a fat person drinking diet soda by the gallon and wonder why theyre still fat?

i dont.

the most toxic a current night mare of mine is public pools. what a place to get jacked up.
i never get in pools or hot tubs.

hey everyone, lets go swim in piss, diaper drool and chemicals. yay!!! if the human waste doesnt kill ya the chemicals to fight it will.

wow, i'd rather stick a hot knife in my eye.


Nerd On A Bike said...

I read a while back that sunscreen was the cause of all those bleached out coral reefs. All the color was washed out of the reefs as the sunscreen washed off of thousands of tourists bodies over the years. Sea life then dies off as they don't have any where to hide from predators against a white pane.

Reminds me of the high fecal content in public swimming pools getting everyone sick. You've got Bubba who can't reach his crack to wash it (and probably wouldn't anyway) jumping in having all that shit leaching off his mass along with Molly Mo Mom with her 50 kids jumping in with diapers in lieu of swimming trunks.

When I was in Australia I saw a mom breast feeding her kid in the pool at the resort out near Ayers Rock.

That's it, I'm heading over to my apartment pool to rub one out.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i never get in pools or hot tubs. hey everyone, lets go swim in piss and chemicals. yay!!!