Sunday, August 17, 2008

why is curling an olympic sport

im sittin on my ass watching badminton on the olympic giant nbc.

thinking why is this a sport with olympic medals, and ping pong, then my mind wanders to curling in the winter olympics, and if those gay sports can make it when will cyclocross be introduced as a winter olympic sport.

i think never, bikes and snow? mud? ya curling is more exciting.


or this

yesterday i caught up with jake, aka snake after snowbird.
i wondered why he didnt smoke lance last weekend. "i was off the front for 1st 3 hrs, they came by, i said "lance, is this hard", he was like, "ya", then took off up columbine, i guess he wasnt goin that hard.

snake finished leadville in 11th place, then came to salt lake for the tour, yesterday he finished 30 mins behind jeff.

heres snake in this vid, off the front.

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flahute said...

Winter Olympic sports are required to be played on snow or ice ... while cyclocross is better on snow, it's not a requirement for the sport.

It could become a Summer Olympic sport, but it's just too much of a niche.