Thursday, August 14, 2008

tour of utah day 2

bart and kathy, fast and famous.

the working man and the injured pro cyclocrosser.

shit, missed the pic...

caldwell and lill at the summit

had about a minute, and held it into the windy dh and flats for 15 miles.

it was really windy, hard to motor like that after 80 miles and 15,000 vertical.

i picked up beagle at the hospital, gave him the pink helmet and we ripped up big mtn.

lots of celebs chillin at the top.

ali g, pimped and flipped collar.

major pain cave, the front group looked pinned, and worked.

except burk, he was relaxed and probably doing 200 watts. too bad i didnt get a pic of tyler. he was hatin it at the back, looked like death and barely lost 10 feet at the top.


first 2 had 20 sec, then the next 10 or so were in a small group.

the rest of the field was blown.

late edition, coming down big & little mtn we picked up a train of 5 guys, i told them to get on the pain train, at 30 mins back im sure nobody would care. there was a stiff head wind coming down emi and i hope nobody has a hissy fit, its not like they are in contention for anything.

these guys were fried, a little drafting didnt hurt trebon climbing up big 4mins off the main field with his ride clean team van.

as we got down by the zoo the road wasnt closed, the canyon wasnt closed, but thats understandable.
the post office stop light was backed up with traffic, no closed lane for the race.
im not sure if the top guys got a closed road but when i saw this i was pissed. like foothill was gridlock, these guys are riding in mid afternoon traffic to research park,

ok its a mile but its busy as hell and they are riding in the gutter. cutting and weaving in traffic to wakara way like a bike messenger.

holy shit that was stupid.

close the road, give up a lane for an hour.

how hard is it.

i wonder how traffic will be for the alpine loop, suncrest and snowbird.

someone is going to get hit.

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