Thursday, August 14, 2008

basketball good, football ok, baseball hell no

i hate baseball, sorry epic adam, jrad, gardie and half the other american public who craves nascar and watching chew spitting "athletes" on steroids.

id rather chew glass.


How is it that baseball and softball are being removed from the olympics, while something so utterly gratuitous as "synchronized diving" remains?

If you can make a competition out of two people diving at the same time, why stop there? What about synchronized pole vaulting, or synchronized hurdles?

olympic sport.....really?

even the chinese divers suck.

come on

ok, not really they won like 5 golds already in diving.

this is a dive where he felt gassy.

my new of old fave insult is dill hole.

real life beavis


KanyonKris said...

I agree, baseball is just too long and slow for me.

I'm also stunned that synchronized diving is an olympic sport. Totally lame. The only thing more lame is the decision by NBC to broadcast it - what were they smoking? Seriously, of all the events going on they chose that?!

I think all judged events should be eliminated. They're way too subjective.

But I enjoyed watching Kristin Armstrong (of Idaho, no relation to Lance) take gold in the time trial. Very cool.

Nerd On A Bike said...

Ohhh you know NASCAR is going to be an olympic sport within the next two olympics. It's inevitable. But instead of calling it race car driving or whatever, it'll be the first brand name event of the games: NASCAR.

You'll have Bubba in his hi-tech neckcar racing Mohamad from Myanmar in a stock '04 Kia Spectra.

I agree with you on baseball. Imagine all the pump tracks we could have if we converted baseball fields into something more stimulating. Studies have shown that people who enjoy watching hours of guys standing around in white polyester also like completing 5000 piece puzzles of a field of flowers.

b1k39unk said...

"Your" is "you're"-who created that poster...butthead?