Wednesday, August 13, 2008

from plants to cats

harold, hes dainty and shy.

i can barely take care of myself, i dont get the people that get married at 20 or 22, have kids and by 30 have 4 or 5. not that theres anything wrong with that, i just cant imagine it myself.
cant manage to find enough time, money or will power for much more than myself. call me crazy, but its mandatory to take care of yourself before you take on such other responsibilities.
so they say start out with plants, if you can keep them alive for awhile your ready for pets,
i have had 2 plants for 2 years and they are doing fine, in the beginning i was in a older building and they were dying. come to find out after i left there was black mold in the walls. i blame that for the plant sickness. since then the plants have grown big. so its the obvious reason.

hes fat and has attitude, the dominator.

oscar, aka cheddar, trying to fit in.

we picked up oscar at the county lock up last week, hes young and playful.

if i had a bigger farm i would get more, its a sad day to see all the animals caged up ready to die, so if you want to save a nice cat or dog go to your local jail and save a kitty.

im not going any farther than this, no dogs, pigs or snakes. no baby foxes, in my head im barely 20 so 3 cats is enough.


Nerd On A Bike said...

Dude, cats are a lot tougher than dogs and babies are just dumb and smell. Just watch Jinxie from Meet The Parents. It's all explained in detail.
I'll take my cat any day over some crying baby who will just grow up to resent me and shank me in me sleep. Feed it in the am and it takes care of itself the rest of day only to jump on my junk in the middle of the night just as I'm hitting REM sleep. And while I'm away it keeps bugs and crap out of my apartment and only charges me with a small carpet cleaning fee of a wet hairball every few weeks.

miss kristen said...

I would have never put you as a cat guy, brother. With them being all high maintenance and stuff...

When are you gonna pick up that stuff? Seriously gonna charge you rent bro. :)

Andy H. said...

We've got 2 and Rhonda wants a third. I'm holding the line cause I don't think it's safe to let cats outnumber you. They're too damn smart.