Saturday, August 23, 2008

mens olympic mtn bike race starts in 3 hrs

check out the results here

china is about 12 hrs ahead of utah, the country china is as wide or wider than the whole usa, uses only 1 time zone. so thats like puerto rico having the same time as san francisco.

pretty stupid

im up late, nothing unusual about that. the mens race is easy pic so why not post it.

im going just like the seeding has them. absalon is a dominator,
the swiss are pretty good too.

1 absalon-- france
2 sauser --swiss
3 vogel ---swiss
4 stander--rsa
5 nino ---swiss

hope wells and craig can rip it and get a medal. but really i think 1 or both will be lucky with the top 10.

prove me wrong guys. come on, shred it.
if sager was there he could beat them all, hes beat them all before. mostly in pre season and training rides. plus its not at altitude so thats a bonus.

youre missing out on a star studded field of 30 pros down in brian head.

nobody seems to be into racing team big bucks anymore. wonder why.

im giving up on politics, my billary vision was outlandish, you can have your fun and call me crazy. im wild, crazy and on the edge.

if youre tired and fat, cant figure out why check this out.

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