Monday, August 11, 2008

jungle fever

its so crazy they make you wear helmets

check out the wild dogs

i got some crazy video of this, maybe i'll post it tomorrow.

i have to hit the beach, it gets dark here at 5pm utah time.

rollin deep in the jungle.

that kid adam steinke called me, heres the story, he calls to tell me he was riding over to my house to pay me and he rolled up off a stop light and the carbon fork broke off, "ya i was just going about 5mph" it broke clean off, oh ya, i was riding over to pay you, i got sick and missed 2 weeks work, lost your number and had to get it off gardie.

does anybody believe this pile of horse shit

he owes me $300 bucks. not the fort knox, my feeling is he crashed, rammed his roof rack into something and comes up with the oldest story in the book. JRA, just ridin along.

heard it too many times kid.

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RickySilk said...

the ol' JRA. You can't hit an old timer with the JRA.