Saturday, August 23, 2008

damn im smooth

like i said last night, i better stick to picking race wins over fixed politics.

i predicted absalon winning.

not too hard, i guess. he wins everything.

check the pics i made below. 3 out of 5 isnt bad, in fact i dont mean to blow my own horn, but wooooooooo wooooooooooo

here are the top 5, full results here

1 absalon
2 peraud
3 sauser
4 nino
5 fontana

wonder what happened to the gringos, my instinct says they cant keep air in the tires like atrain.

who the hell flats 3 times in one day, either learn how to dh or get thicker tires.
ok the chinese course was rocky but you dont see absalon flatting all the time.

atrain flats in every race anyway, road, cross, mtn. so i think there is more to it than tires.
its like self sabatoge. slam everything in your path so you can blame it on the bike. (not intentionaly) the subconsious is very powerful.

im just saying,

but i know how to fire the atrain up.
cast a bit of doubt and see where the fire takes him.

i can say this cuz we are almost the same and i have the same problem.


RickySilk said...

"either learn how to dh or get thicker tires"


jsager said...

that's only 60%, which is a D- if I remember correctly.