Sunday, August 10, 2008

irie mon

we've been chillin wit da homies, the rasta farians, , its irie mon all day. the rock, the bump, whatever. no silly hand shakes. its too easy on the beach. irie mon, we got hooked up down here better than i've ever seen it. eatin on the beach, 3 restaurants in this private beach resort,, ac cooled room with cable and wifi, 50 feet from the water, i've been watching olympics at night, since im so blown from laying around.

snorkeling, boating, hydro bikes, yesterday was the jeep trip to the pitons and the volcano, those massive volcanic cones shoot out of the beach up over 2000 feet. i guess ophrah has some fat pad on the beach down there and she likes it here, i dont know why.

tomorrow is the jungle zip line canopy tour, i think i might move here. 200 miles south of puerto rico and its like a whole different island, smaller, cleaner, more natives, better beaches and sites,

if youre looking for a small island get away come here, its better than hawaii.

27 miles by 14 wide, sounds small but it takes 2 hrs to drive down to the town with the volcano and its only 25 miles away with about 10 mtn passes, i guess around 10,000 feet of climbing that would be a good 2 hrs on the bike, steep twisty roads, 90 degrees 100% humidity up and down the whole way.

no flat route here.

they have some freakin hot hot
hot sauce, if you want some text or email me i will get you a bottle. they sell tons of it here.
how bout the olympic swimming, that dude from israel named nimrod
no lie, check it out.
bob costas "nimrod goes for the win"
great stuff.


jsager said...

it is a whole different island, mon.

Bart G said...

Happy Birthday FireFox!

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

Looking way happy on that isalnd.