Sunday, August 17, 2008

takin the flat route, louder wins tofu GC

its been awhile since the last ride, so i set up the new cx ride with road tires, so i can rip the flat route.

i might start training with flahute, nobody else can hang with my watts.

scored this ride over at contender. switch the wheels or tires, and rip dry creek.

i forgot how bad canti brakes suck. or maybe its just how bad avid shortys suck.

burk just tells me zirbel wins the TT, jeff takes overall.

pretty sweet.

since jeff dominated the race yesterday, he wins the $100 prize i said would go to any utah guy for the stage.

caveman, krispy, mark and bz donated $160 between them, if anyone else wants to throw down leave your comments.

mona vie team manager chippo throws down a hundo.

thats $360 total.

jeff has to buy diapers.

free plane tickets from slc to vegas, i got mine set up for cross vegas/interbike. not to race, but if its free then why not take the week off and head south.

2 free roundtrip, 2 nights hotels.
i gave out a lot of them, in fact im quite amazed how many of the people i know who dont even want them. like ali. what up?

free trip to interbike, what gives?
well its too late, they are gone.

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Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

new rig is looking good...