Tuesday, August 19, 2008

open it up

open up the hurt locker, ali g and dave cole team ridley trainin for cx.

following me up emigration is bad for you, you should stop.

bart wants to go next week, see how many watts he has left in his old age.

so everyone knows jeff won the tour of utah, i had an invite for anyone who wanted to donate if he or any other utah racer won a stage and he won the hard one up snowbird so

these guys kicked down the cash

matt ohran $100, blake z, $100, kris nosack $30, mark nielson $20, caveman $20 and me.

donated the cash and are keepin it real.

in case youre wondering how someone wins a race like this, its like going to a job everyday. you just dont wake up and say oh wow im going to win a pro stage race, its years of daily training and racing, you get up and go to work everyday, even if you dont feel like it.

jeff and burk get up and train or rest everyday. its a year long project to get the perfect day or week of racing.

also for little pay than most normal jobs. so i thought a few extra would help out, i dont know what the prize money was or who won the the car but 300 bucks now days doesnt buy much.

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