Tuesday, August 26, 2008

its kind of smoky out

that big ass fire lit up the mtn last night, clear down town you could see the flames. thats 25 miles away.

im taking credit for any of these 3 guys on the us pro podium this weekend.

jeff instigates this, drags burk, then dave z rides by and hops on the pain train. its kind of stressful knowing if i dont point out a pot hole or let up on the throttle one of these guys will ram me and then take down the other 2.

"sly takes down U.S. pro contenders in moto pace lapse of reason"

not good

so maybe 1 or 3 of these guys will rip it up this weekend.

heres a blog about how fat people should pay more on flights.
xxx so watch out

a few weeks ago i was on a plane and the guy across the hall from me was pretty fat, he couldnt put the tray table down in front of him so he had to eat without it. the chair was small for me, my knees hit the chair in front and i can barely fit. so these people, i dont know how they cram 300-400 pounds in the same amount of space.
or guys like trebon, wicks or atrain, 6' 7" how the hell do you fit in a seat i cant fit it at 5' 9. well get the bulk head but if your on a packed flight, 5 hrs across country or 8 hr to euro land have the sponsors throw down for some 1st class.

watch and see.

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Nerd On A Bike said...

Being 6'4" tall on in a grocery store is great as it gets grandma all giggly as I can reach that special grandma flour from the Depression Era they like that's hidden back on the top shelf.

Being 6'4" tall in a coach airplane seat sucks ass as your knees are jammed into the back of the seat in front of you. You can lay the tray down, but you're pretty much screwed if you drop something on the floor.

Being 6'4" tall jammed into coach with the Michelin tire man pouring into your seat, hiding your seat belt in his skin folds and then barely turning his neck in your direction to say 'hi' as if you're down with all of it just sucks ass.

Just like Alabama and it's new healthcare surcharges for obese state workers, I think this guy's on to something.

Yep, I'm going to hell.