Thursday, August 21, 2008


no final results 4 days after the event.
cyclingnews, no final results

last week during the race the results were posted late each day, the day after the event.

get with it.

i guess the race is over they dont think anybody cares about the final stack up.

i didnt race the event but im not impressed with the organization, results, streets being blocked off, the courses are ok, but 3 of the 5 could have been better.

thats why im not doing the work, cuz i dont want the hassle.


Forrest said...

The best part was the Tour of Utah website was the worst website ever! Seriously no schedule, results, course layouts etc on the site. Its a shame cause it could be one hell of a race. You know you are bad when the race's PR person couldnt even get coverage on the local news. LAME! Lets take over the PR and website next year and make this thing worthy, of course we would have to get paid.

b1k39unk said...

No shit, if you checked the official website-it said, "check back in August."
How do they expect to elevate the ToU's status with that kind of organization, advertising, coverage and promotion?!!
It's pretty fucking weak that Utahns cannot get the results of the biggest race on Utah's schedule until the next day.