Thursday, August 07, 2008

la playa

we arrived to puerto rico, the 2nd leg of the day of flying to the small island of st. lucia. not to be confused with st. martin, st croix, st kitts, st thomas, or tortola beef island.

when we landed it was around 5pm utah time and its dark. ok thats like winter solstice type shit.

its not even hot, sager doesnt know about this place so i will have to let him know whats up.

cloudy, 75 degrees and i think i might go to a beach tomorrow.

this is off topic and it didnt happen, but read this about obama gettin capped. its just the precursor of the real deal. i dont condone or hope it happens but i had a vision and we'll see how it goes down.

if he picks billary, veep it will happen for sure

she'll do anything to gain control. yet it will be pinned on some fanatic as the scape goat.

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I am Matt said...

your obama link does not work.