Thursday, November 09, 2006

it is time.........TIME TO GO

the rain is here, snow is coming and im outta town. yaaa

it was nice weather this week. hope you got to get out in it some how. now kiss it good bye until march or april.

big hours are in order this weekend in sunny az. thats all i have to talk about this week so i will keep bringing it up.

white line fever.

i wonder if bart will win saturday. dont count out the tenacious beagle but sager is pissed and has some anger to put the hurt on everyone.

wish i could take part.

it will have to wait a few weeks. stumptown classic is next weekend. i might go to that. i will be in san fran next saturday, its 10 hrs from there to portland.

white line fever yaaaaaaaaaaaa
rip up the road like a dave z TT.

YAAA dave z is a freak of nature. back in 96'. yes im going to reflect on better days and greener pastures.

i was 22 in 96. i was skinny and faster back then. i had long hair and i kind of looked like mitchel peterson. well ok not that tall and skinny but anyway..

racing the snowbird hillclimb august 96, dave z passed me and worked me over he was like 17 years old and did the race in 44 mins.

levi won and did it some where around 43 mins and that is still the record.

ok so now i can brag,

1 levi
2 dave z
3 sly
4 T bird
5 tom cook

i think burk was sick that day. i dont remember though my mind is frail in my old age.

ok im hittin the road.

i'll try not to get a ticket or flip the van.

thank you

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