Friday, November 17, 2006

san francisco castro

there is a big rainbow flag here, lots of guys walking around holding hands and making out on the street.


atrain should move here.

the velo swap is open to sellers friday from 3pm to 8pm. i got into town at 3pm. left at 4:30 this morning. drove here in 9 hrs solo.

i spent most of my money tonight, it opens at 6am and to the public at 9am. i will have spent 7 grand by then and will leave town. im not going to oregon. im driving a bee line back to slc.

kaskade is at the depot and i will be back in time to make it.

its a short trip but a good one. robert gaggioli was here tonight and i bought him out. a bunch of new campy gear in boxes. i didnt really buy him out, i gave him $500 for a bunch of free parts he got. yaaaaaaa

i wonder if fast freddy will be here selling coffee

navigators truck was here and burkes old road bike is for sale for only $4500. wow what a bargain.

im sleeping in the van so i hope i dont get robbed. i have a big knife so dont F with me.

i heard the mop has a brother, the broom. check it out, funny.

oh ya and paypal fixed my account but they still suck.

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A-Train said...

why do you want to drive all the way back to SLC to listen the gays play records under a waterfall?