Tuesday, November 28, 2006

bowling, basketball or tournament black jack

i have sorted it down to this, my new sport is going to be bowling, 21 or basketball. i might play in some tournament style 21 games. since im known as fat pockets fox, livin the high roller life style in slc high rises. throwin mad cash around like trump. flossin and flyin, jet settin around the world.


i went to the jazz magic game last night, mid court 6th row. i could see up grant hills nose. harpring and boozer didnt bring it, they got schooled by the best team in the east.

i should have gotten some pics, oh well. you guys will have to imagine the best.

then i watched some tournament black jack, its the semi finals of the world championships. thats some good shit.

old dudes and ladies layin down 50 large per hand. thats what im talkin about.

so which will it be??
high roller prime time
strike it out kingpin sly
prime rib throwin elbows with 7 footers at the "energy solutions arena"

who knows but its nice to look at the wall and dream and earn 400k for warming the bench.

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