Thursday, November 23, 2006

utah jazz basketball on thanksgiving day

i just rode out in the cold for an hour with some shorts on, that was enough for the day.
yesterday it was warmer and had a big south wind. i did about 2.5 hrs in the wind. now im tired
im not riding until saturday morning.

last time i went to wheeler it was 3 weeks ago. that warm up of about 40 mins seemed to help my old stiff body. im old, i remember the old days back in 89' when i could just hammer at 5am up to dog lake with no pain , straight 180 heart rate right out of bed.

ya good times.

the jazz are the best in the NBA. ATRAIN hates basketball, he should be on an nba team instead of racing bikes.

riding or drafting behind him is sweet, but his hand eye coordination needs some work.
hence this picture

the jazz are the best in the nba right now, that hasnt happened for about 10 years. hope they can hold it for awhile, maybe get down deep in the playoffs come april.

i never played sports, basketball or football. i ran a little bit and hammered by bmx bike.
for some reason i like to watch nba and nfl, if the games are not too boring and it means something like advancing in the playoffs or getting eliminated.

otherwise it is boring, watching tall geeky dudes run around and big fat guys pile up into 20 man love gropes.

so today is football and basketball watching day. the nfl winners get the john madden turkey with 6 or 8 legs pinned into it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, getting older sucks but at least we're still riding instead of sitting around gaining weight thinking that this year will be the one we do something about it.

Anonymous said...

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