Sunday, November 19, 2006

nice weather but no motivation

i wish i could get the motivation to do some big hours, its not happening.

with this weather i should be riding all day. today i was like a slug. didnt do much. but finally got out the door only for 1.5 hrs on the road.

maybe its the driving. it burns me out and its like a race and takes days to recover.
i feel slow and not in race cond. i think this double race weekend coming up is going to kick my ass.

but i will go and race and try to hammer.
i will remember i am in training for march and april and these results dont mean much to me. ya i like to do good but its all about next spring.

i will keep it rollin and see what happens.

things have been bugging me lately

1 people who are late
2 slow drivers
3 lame sellers at swaps
4 traffic
5 flat tires
6 some muscle pain in my ass
7 cheap people
8 paypal
9 flaky people
10 my low motivation to ride

thats a lot to be pissed about so im goin to make a 20 list of things i like tomorrow or some time this week.

because its all mirrors, so what i see is what i get.

hopefully your new baby doesnt do this.
god help us all.

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