Tuesday, November 28, 2006

its all down town in the big city

i have been living or coming to the down town slc 801 area for about 15 years, i have lived in a few different places around here, 2nd south, 4th ave, A street, 500 east, i have worked in buildings on 1st and state, 3rd and 4th east, 2nd south.

i come down here a lot and i like it. i have lived in a 200 square foot office building with some bikes during the olympics when i sub-letted my apartment for 4 grand.
that was easy pickins.

i have ridden around and worked bike messenger jobs, been in most of the buildings and know whats up when rippin the big city.

sly can rip up city streets and paint the town red.

when they built the trax on main i watched it first hand in horror.

i just watched a show on tv about the demolition and rebuilding of down town crossroads and zcmi center malls.

it was nice to see what they have planned and if you dont know about it you should look into at some web site the city has up, i dont know what it is so google it if you care.

key bank tower is going to wrecked along with the 2 big malls on 100 south and main. they are building like 10,000 parking stalls under ground and 3 residential towers with hundreds of apartments or condos, harmons grocer, more retail space and some office buildings.

the wrecker starts next month and it should be done by summer 2011.

thats only 4.5 years,
its a good idea and it will be cool when its done.

news flash, slowran has new blog, check it here

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Anonymous said...

Hurry up. Go buy one of those apartments for the big city life livin. Its the new thing. Nobody wants a yard, privacy, or more than 1 parking spot.