Friday, November 10, 2006

29 hours later

somehow it took me 29 hours to get to tucson. its pretty jacked up. im out in downtown tucson riding around with drunk college kids. this town is about hippy homeless van living bikers, drunk partying college kids and old people.

i was following some drunk kids down the street, near the trolley they have small tracks running down the middle of the road. this chick gets in the groove and it hooks her tire, then she falls over going about 10 mph, lands on her face and scrapes it up. her friends took off and left her so i stopped and i was hoping to score but it didnt happen. besides it cut her lip and i dont want aids.

i was riding down the main bar street 4th ave, they have an old school trolley and a lot of bars. everyone rides bikes down here. thats how it should be. its warm and sunny 99% of the time. its nice out right now. im trying to get the legs moving. i have been on the road since 4pm yesterday.

god dammit, the van is towing a trailer and 3 other people. they all hate me. i dont talk. i am a social night mare. they ask me 20 questions and i have one word answers. "ya" "no"

i just want to drive and ride, then buy then sell. thats all. i dont want to get to know anyone.

dont bother me. i am white line fever burning up the road.
tomorrow im riding more. today i did barely an hour and that was lame.
phoenix is a hell hole its almost as bad as LA or NYC. cars and traffic jams every where.
vegas sucks too.

get me out of this coffin i need to hammer some trails.

doctor cross DRX has a new blog check it out and i will post the link next week.

im going to hammer with some drunk fixies.


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