Wednesday, November 08, 2006

my ass still hurts

i went to bed early and got a lot of rest but my ass hurts. i heard they make seats with padding. i should look into it.

since i have about 10 aliantes sitting here on the floor.

i was riding around in sandy today and i saw tmac in his truck then he tried to stalk me.
i like to ride no hands sending text messages on straight flat roads.

heres a good one i sent out today.
call this number and you will see. 801 296 7163

i rode around and its nice out, did you notice

tbird went up to pc for 5 hrs in the sun, now i feel like sleeping for the rest of the day.

check out my sweet apartment

its a bike shop in a house. its packed and i have way too much shit.
atrain came over and was disgusted.

i like clutter.
im going to az tomorrow so i hope you get snowed on. im audi for another ride. see how long i can last. i'll be in the van all day tomorrow so i'll make it count. 2 a days. yaaaaaaaaa

i got this skin suit from ron kiefel. i heard back in the day they would put testosterone patches on their nut sack for quick recovery.
i wonder if any is left on the chamois?

im not goin to look but you can buy this on egay.


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